By Managing Risks and Providing Auditable Processes, We Offer Our Clients a Robust Entry to the Chinese Market via an Established infrastructure and trusted Business Partnerships.

SynYang has been focusing on the procurement & import of manufactured goods from China to the UK market since 2002.

China remains a challenging market to trade with, with restricting time differences, language barriers, legislation and culture differences and often negative perception of its manufacturing capabilities. It is a highly challenging market to enter and can be extremely risky. SynYang is much more than just an import agent and will help you overcome the barriers of buying from China.

Selling To China

The changing dynamic of China's economy in recent years has seen an increase in British and European companies wishing to take their products to the Chinese market. We can use our network of trusted business partnerships to provide introductory business services and help you export your products into the Far East.

  • Time Differences
  • Business Culture
  • Language Barriers
  • Local Legislation
  • On-the ground team

Tradition Drives Innovation - Out with the new in with the old

Technological advances are challenging and modifying the way people interact with brands and consume and share information.

To ensure our business offering remains relevant, we work with our clients and suppliers to embrace technology and ally it to our expert knowledge of print to create new products that combine the beauty and tactile element of print with the practicality and interactivity of technology.

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