China Supply Chain Management

Managing your China partners from a far can be extremely challenging.

  • Supply chains can often be complex and convoluted.
  • Managing the physical geography and cultural differences is demanding at the best of times.
  • The requirement to share up-to-date and accurate information across multiple locations in multiple time zones in multiple languages can be nigh on impossible.

Our approach to these types of obstacles involves a combination of our Highly Skilled Human Resources in both UK and China and Technology Based Solutions such as web based portals, online ordering & collaboration tools.

Our people will care for your project and protect your brand like it is their own and where appropriate, we create bespoke web based applications that manage and facilitate the expedient transfer of project data across complex supply chains. With often realtime information at their finger tips, our clients are empowered to make informed business decisions to maximise efficiencies and minimise redundant time, stock and materials.

China Supply Chain Management Benifits

These tools allow access to order stock, maintain stock levels, give instant access on status of any product (SKU) line at any time, benefiting the manufacturer calling off stock for packing purposes, the client ordering stock on a "just-in-time" basis and SynYang have complete control to ensure all parties needs are fulfilled on an ongoing basis.

These systems have benefited the clients in many ways, some examples:-

  • Reduced operational costs by producing less product at any one time
  • Eliminated wasted product stock when new designs created
  • Reduced administration labour time and cost
  • Eliminated manufacturing delays
  • Improved manufacturing fulfilment lead-times to an ongoing supply of product

Effective stock/inventory management can be critical to any business and their profitability as well as ensuring they meet their customers' expectations, as we all know stock held in a warehouse reduces profit margins.

Are you experiencing issues which the above could address? SynYang would be happy to discuss your individual requirements and offer an appropriate solution.

Supply Chain Management

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