How We Are Different

SynYang specialises in China Procurement and Supply Chain Management, helping companies to do business with China in a robust and controlled manner. Delivering exceptional commercial value, whilst managing the risks associated with trading in what can be a very challenging market.

We achieve this via a combination of "Human Resources" (i.e. UK Client Services Team and a China Team of Project Managers who closely managed every aspect of an assignment) and Technology Based Solutions (i.e. Web Portals, Online Ordering Tools & Calibrated Colour Management Systems).

During our 11 year history we have successfully delivered products created in China into 46 destination countries worldwide.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are UK owned and directly employ our China colleagues to ensure no third parties 'colour' any lines of communication or responsibility

In Country Team - SynYang directly employs staff in China. We do not use agents.

Managing Quality - We do not own a manufacturing plant giving us greater flexibility with regards to quality standards. We drive suppliers to higher standards and will readily reject products that do not meet the set specifications or quality without fear of financial implications.

Our team are on-site on a day-to-day basis for production monitoring and manage the quality of all manufactured products from first sample inspection, live-inline inspections to final inspections, finishing and loading. We can also employ accredited third-party Audit Specialists to assess factories' degrees of capability and compliance levels in relation to Quality Management Systems and Social Accountability Standards as and when required.

Building Relationships - We work together with our clients to create solutions that have long term value for them and help them meet their business objectives.

Established Network Of Suppliers - We adopt a rigorous process in choosing suppliers. Our team in Shenzhen audits and controls existing suppliers regularly and ensure they all meet the necessary standards and certifications. They are also ideally located to source new suppliers.

We work closely with our suppliers to create long-term relationships, ensure high levels of quality and continuously develop new products.

Certifications - Our print partners in China often have internationally recognised certifications such as FSC® *, PEFC, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 and are SEDEX-accredited. We also offer product testing to ensure compliance with relevant safety features.

We Provide Added Value

Tandem project management
We work in tandem with our clients to ensure they meet their objectives and that their offering stays relevant in the marketplace by developing and designing new products or re-working existing ones. We become an extension of their team.

Online procurement solutions
We can work with you to develop bespoke online stock management, stock control and stock call-off ordering portals. These give you better visibility and flexibility of your products and save you time and money.

Colour matching and press-passing
We have GMG proofing equipment in both our UK and China offices. 
We approach colour-matching scientifically with spectrometry and densitometry, backed by our experienced staff on-site in China also 
press-passes every sheet we produce to ensure colour consistency.

Warehousing and logistics
SynYang has experience of delivering products into over 40 destination countries worldwide and is accustomed to dealing with all of the other components that are associated with transferring goods across international borders.

Creative services
Through our association with Equator Design, we can offer client-facing creative teams in the UK, the United States and Australia. This gives you the confidence that your brief will be adhered to, taking into account of local and international consumer insights.

Our Approach

We understand ( our clients' needs ) - We work with our clients to understand their objectives and as a result better assess where we can add value

We think ( creatively ) - We think around problems to find solutions have value now and in the future. From redesigning a product to making it more sustainable, looking at new materials or assessing shipping solutions, we approach projects creatively.

We make ( it happen ) - We are passionate and dedicated to provide you with what you need. We will work tirelessly to ensure your products are delivered on time and to the quality specified. More than purely consultancy, we use our extensive infrastructure of manufacturers and factories to make it happen.

We deliver ( quality ) - We carry out detailed audit trail and have rigorous quality control procedures in place to ensure that your goods are produced in an ethical manner and are delivered to the quality required.

* SynYang International Ltd FSC License Code: FSC-C131207

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